DZG Meeting Evolutionary Biology



18th meeting „Graduiertentreffen Evolutionsbiologie“


22.03 - 23.03.2013

Current topics and methods in evolutionary biology



The 18th graduate meeting on evolutionary biology addresses young biologists from all fields of biological sciences.  Evolutionary biology is a multidisciplinary science and methods from other biological disciplines are often adapted to investigate evolutionary processes. This meeting will cover a wide range of topics and methods currently used in evolutionary biology but also in ecology, behavioural biology, systematics and molecluar biology. We therefore like to encourage young biologists to come together and view and discuss their research in the context of evolutionary biology.

For this we invite young researchers to present their work as talk or poster in one of four different sessions:

  1. 1)    Metaorganism Evolution

        e.g. symbiotic model- and non-model systems

  1. 2)    Evolution of (A-)Sexuality

        e.g. model- and non-model organisms that help to understand maintenance and function of sex

  1. 3)    Experimental Evolution

        e.g. any system manipulated in the laboratory or on field sites

  1. 4)    Evolutionary genomics

        e.g. molecular methods including NGS data

Sessions will be initiated by renowned guest speakers, followed by talks that are scheduled with a duration of 15 min +    5 min discussion and open questions.

Best talks and posters will be awarded!

The meeting will take place from friday to saturday (22.-23.03.2013) at Georg-August University of Göttingen (Venue & Accomodation), an old university town in the centre of Germany, close to Kassel and Hanover.

A warm welcome will be provided on thursday evening the 21.03. for early arrivals and registration (registration is also possible on friday).

Informal gatherings accompanying the meeting include a guided tour in Göttingen and dinner at Sambesi on friday evening (exact time not available yet).

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